The EZ-Valve is a new technology that can be installed without having to shut down your water pipe. The valve is installed based on the principle of the 'under-pressure drilling' technique. First, the two halves of a 'split valve' are attached to the pipe. The casing is then pressurised internally and the seal is tested. A special milling machine is attached to the side of the valve and machines a slit in the exterior of the pipe using the under-pressure drilling technique. This is done by rotating the milling machine some 120º around the pipe, which is possible thanks to the flexible valve casing. A temporary drain is installed on the opposite side of the valve. The water pressure in the pipe is used for controlled draining and filtering of the machined material. After the slit has been machined into the pipe, the valve is returned to the horizontal position. Then it is simply a matter of dismounting the milling machine and drain and the valve is ready for use!

EZ-Valve applications
The EZ-Valve is suitable for all types of water such as drinking water, waste water, process water, cooling water, fire extinguishing water, etc. The EZ-Valve can be fitted to pipes made of steel, cast iron and PVC and is available for pipe diameters of 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12".

The EZ-Valve system is less likely to cause contamination of drinking water networks than other systems.