De Vin-Pass BV, established in Terneuzen, offers a complete range of pipeline maintenance services.

Our service teams work on specialised pipeline projects throughout the Netherlands and abroad on a daily basis. Our activities include flowstopping, pipe sealing, pipe freezing, cold cutting and hot tapping. We serve clients throughout the industrial sector, including petrochemicals, energy companies and pipeline contractors. De Vin-Pass continues to strengthen its market position by investing in new technologies and responding to the latest market developments.

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  • Hot tapping

    Hot tapping

    Hot tapping involves drilling pipes, tanks, installations, etc. that are under pressure. This means a branch or flange can be installed without shutting down the relevant installation.

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  • Flowstopping


    Sometimes it will be necessary to stop the flow in a pipeline network. The reason may be a faulty valve or a planned internal modification that requires the flow in a pipe to be stopped.

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  • Leak sealing

    Leak sealing

    Leak sealing involves repairing leaks in operational pipeline networks.

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  • Pipe support

    Pipe support

    De Vin-Pass uses several pipe supporting technologies for repairing and strengthening corroded or mechanically damaged pipes. The technology is suitable for pipes in operation and is a safe way to extend the service life of your pipeline network.

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  • Pipe freezing

    Pipe freezing

    Pipe freezing is a safe and effective way to temporarily plug a pipe. The technique involves installing a freezing machine that uses liquid nitrogen to locally freeze the substance in the pipe. 

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  • Cold cutting

    Cold cutting

    Cold cutting is an efficient and safe way to cut through pipes made of steel, stainless steel, grey iron and nodular cast iron and provide them with a bevelled edge, without the risk of sparks or heat production. 

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  • Curb-stop


    The curb-stop is a technology for sealing small-diameter pipes that are under pressure.

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  • EZ-Valve


    The EZ-Valve is a new technology that can be installed without having to shut down your water pipe.

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Date: 01/12/2010
Location: Yemen
Client: Denys
Project description: Assisting with the repair of a DN 700 LNG pipeline in Yemen. De Vin-Pass responded rapidly to the client's request and was able to provide the perfect hot tapping solution.

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